Saturday, October 15, 2005

TV: Now Better than Movies

I haven't seen a movie lately that I've been very interested in, so I thought I'd outline some of this year's TV shows on this blog for the time being.

This is especially timely because TV is now better than movies. Think about it. Hollywood wants you to pay $10 to see some rehashed craptacular movie like Dukes of Hazzard. Or let's say you pay the bare minimum to see a movie: $4 on Pay-Per-View. That's 2 hours of entertainment for $2. Now let's say you like 6 hours a week of TV shows and pay $50 for cable or satellite per month. That's $2.08 per hour of entertainment. Considering that generally these TV shows are more interesting than most movies out there, that's a hellofa deal.

And hey, if you get HBO, you'll see all of those shitty movies eventually.

Ok, so coming up... some reviews of TV shows.

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