Sunday, October 15, 2006

Redeye (2005)

This is an 85 minute movie, which should tell you a lot in a day and age where every filmaker thinks that every movie they make is an epic and should be 3 hours long. And at 85 minutes, it's still too long.

I'm just going to give some of this movie away because it's basically given away in the trailer anyway. A guy kidnaps a girl on a flight with the threat that there's a man outside her father's house that will kill him if she doesn't cooperate.

About 30 seconds after this plot is revealed, it occurs to everyone in the theater that she should just tell the stewardess anyway. The bad guy is incommunicato and detained (since he's 35,000 feet up). And since we're in an age where "every threat is taken seriously", you'd think that they could just call the local police in Miami and have them go pick up the guy outside of her father's house. End of story.

Instead, the screenwriter tries to put in some lame excuse that the bad guy uses to make it sound like no one will listen to the girl -- because she's had a few drinks. Like I said, aren't we supposed to live in a paranoid age where every threat is supposed to be taken seriously?

In actuality, this movie is just an excuse to ogle Rachel McAdams. She's very attractive, so seeing this movie in high def on HBO was perfect for the purpose of eye candy. Nearby is a picture of her courtesy of IMDB and I think you'll agree she's attractive. Just another pretty Canadian girl in crappy movies who needs a new agent badly (see my prior posts about Elisa Cuthbert)

So if you're in the mood to see a pretty face for 85 minutes with no viable plot, I suggest you check out Wes Craven's lastest crapfest on HBO HD.