Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Fourth Protocol (1987)

Michael Caine and Pierce Brosnan in an actual spy movie.  Before Brosnan took on Bond and became yet another silly spy with a bunch of gadgetry, he played a KGB spy in this movie... just a bad, evil KGB agent planning to nuke a US air base.  The most exciting chase in the movie is when Caine is following Brosnan in a mini-van.  Not speeding.  Not crashing through Paris or shooting laser guided missiles from  the car ... just following him. 

Granted, this movie is outdated in today's world:  an old Cold War plot.  I'm not sure if it takes memory of the Cold War to enjoy those type of movies, but since I have those memories, I do enjoy them.  The Hunt For Red October is one of my all time favorite movies. 

Ned Beatty has a throwaway role in the movie.  I half expected him to turn up being the bad guy.  I wish he had a larger part in the movie.  His role in Network (1976) is one of the most classic of all time.  Instead, he has about a 10 minute role where he doesn't do very much.

"Fourth Protocol" is just long enough -- a little shy of two hours -- and keeps you interested throughout.  That is, if you're actually an intelligent filmgoer that can pay attention for 5 minutes to a movie that has no explosions or dinosaur chases (see next review of King Kong). 

RATING:   Good/Good.  Worth a view.