Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fallen (1998)

This movie's actually a little better than I remembered. When I saw it the first time, I think I saw it for free. But when you have a bad memory of a movie you saw for free, it must be truly terrible, and "Fallen" is still mostly that.

I can tell you exactly why I didn't like it that first time I saw it:
  • Too much chasing around.
  • Has one of those "set up for the sequel" endings. Trust me, there won't be one.
And these are still annoying to me today. Denzel movies are usually pretty good (which is why I gave this a second chance) -- and I really like a few scenes in this movie that I had forgotten about. When Denzel has to tell a kid about the death of his father, it's a very effective scene. I also like the scenes where he's researching the religious mysticism of the situation at hand.

Rating: Bad, Bad, though a few scenes are actually pretty good. See the Exorcist if you're in the mood for a possession movie.

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